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Wednesday 24th March 2010

Reducing timelines for vaccine potency testing

Shortening the vaccine development cycle by reducing the need for costly, time-consuming manual analyses of vaccine potency is allowing pharma and biotech companies to increase their throughput. Using this strategy, automation can help to ensure that the most effective vaccines reach the market more rapidly.

Thursday 14th January 2010

Developments in laboratory automation

Manufacturers of life science equipment are harnessing the power of automation to provide scientists with tools capable of providing greater experimental precision and throughput. Molecular biology, cell biology and microbiology techniques are being revolutionized by the development of automated assays. From liquid handling and flow cytometry to nucleic acid analysis and the testing of antibiotics, automation is making every facet of the lab a lot easier for scientists. The attached article appeared in the 14 January 2010 issue of Nature and mentions ProtoCOL 2.

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